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New awardees


Congratulations for having being awarded a Math LEAD Professional Enhancement (PE) award!

Below you will find information, resources, and requirements for Math LEAD fellows.  Please feel free to contact at any time with questions or concerns.

To be completed once:

  • Please create a new google drive folder and use your name as the name of the folder. Share the folder with and This folder will used to share required documents. You can find out more about UConn e-mail and google aps at UConn here.

  • Scan and upload signed offer letter and contract into your folder.

  • Complete survey for incoming student as indicated on your cohort page and prior to the first day of classes.

  • If applicable, apply to the Graduate School, keeping in mind application deadlines:
    • October 15 – Spring/Summer admission (M.A., Sixth-Year)
    • January 15 – Fall admission (M.A., Sixth-Year, Ph.D.)

If admitted to the Grad School, you may request transfer of your PE courses to your plan of study, using this form.

To be completed every semester that you receive Math LEAD funding:

  • Upload your final paper for all Math LEAD funded courses no later than 2 weeks after the last day of the semester to your shared folder. Make sure the name of the file is in the following format: EDCI XXX – Spring/ Fall/ Summer 20XX (ex: EDCI 5742 – Spring 2013)

  • Attend cohort meeting

  • Update 3p doc (full fellows only)

Additional important information

  • Students can only request a total of 6 credits from outside institutions to be transferred to their Plan of Study and 6 credits from courses taken as a non-matriculating student at UConn. Please refer to the website for all information pertaining to The Graduate School.
  • The Graduate School will contact each Graduate School applicant directly in regards to their admittance to the University.
  • Upon admittance, students are responsible for meeting with their advisers, completing Plans of Study, completing transfer credit requests, and registering for their courses through PeopleSoft.
  • Students are responsible for registering for their own courses in a timely manner. If there is no longer space available in a class, the student is responsible for contacting the instructor to request over enrollment permission number.
  • Math LEAD PE awardees are responsible for acquiring their own textbooks.
  • Students must upload their Final Paper/Project into their google folder for each Math-LEAD grant funded course within 2 weeks of course completion.
  • The Neag School of Education does NOT offer cross-endorsement in Bilingual/ TESOL Education, but rather tries to provide the courses necessary that the State requires in their cross-endorsement process. You will receive a degree or diploma through UConn, provided that you complete your Plan of Study, but you would work with the State of Connecticut Department of Education to apply for cross endorsement in Bilingual and/or TESOL Education.
  • A voluntary change in school or district without communicating with the LEAD project director may result in loss of funding.
  • All funded students must acknowledge that funds for their research come from the US Dept of Ed/ LEAD grant and include the following on your title page:
    • “This project was funded through the US Dept of Ed LEAD grant”